EARLY A.M. –I’m supposed to meet my pals from the Michigan Fly Fishers Club on the South Platte River this morning, but I took a rain check. If you live in Colorado you’ll understand the irony. It’s been a tough and deadly week in terms of water. There’s been too much of it for too long and heavy rain is in the weather forecast again for later today. Still, it’s nice outside right now. A partly cloudy sky that’s red with the sunrise. I go back inside and turn the TV on to take a final look at our new oracle---the high resolution weather radar that the TV meteorologists call NEXRAD. It says I should stay home, but I know the skies could be clear up on the river…

12 NOON & LATER. It’s all thunder and lightning now. I’m sitting at the fly tying bench trying to dream up a diversion to get my mind off the water. I’m a trout fisherman. How can I not like the water? Well, I don’t today. With luck I’ll get a fly tied.