Hey! Small fly dudes. It’s almost midge time. Don’t overdo your midge larvae and pupae patterns. Just remember your imitations must have the illusion of abdominal segmentation. Tie very simple thread midges. Use flossy threads like waxed UTC 70 denier. The waxed thread makes the imitation’s abdomen look more like a real live midge’s abdomen. Use the same thread in a different color for the rib. Finish the off with a black thread head. Add a stub of flashy stuff for a wing bud or whatever they call it if you like, but it’s the contrast of the rib and abdomen threads that ultimately gets the job done. Match what the trout are eating. It really matters. 

The final ingredient is action. Lift the pattern a few inches, let it drop a few inches. Swing it short and real slow. Lift it a little quicker if you see a trout coming for it. Don’t listen to me experiment. Do new stuff. Innovate. Midges are the master game.  



HOOK: TMC 2488, size 18.

ABDOMEN: Hopper Yellow Waxed UTC 70 thread. 

RIB: Brown Olive Waxed UTC 70 thread. 

WING: White SAAP WING-FIBER, Sparkle-Mistic. 

HEAD: Black, Waxed UTC 70 thread. 

This is a basic model. Change it to meet your local trout's taste!!!