JULY 22, 2019

Book Cover 5.png

The second edition of FISHING AND TYING SMALL FLIES is out. The release date was June 26, 2019. I’ve looked forward to writing a second edition of my FISHING SMALL FLIES and TYING SMALL FLIES volumes because it gave me a chance to clean up some misconceptions I had when I wrote the first editions and I’ve been able to add some new material. As you can see we decided to combine the two first editions into a single volume for the second edition. This should make things a little handier and the index is much better than the first editions. We also got rid of the black and white photos contained in the first edition of FISHING SMALL FLIES and went to all color photos.

I’ve retained most of the info in the first editions except where I updated or corrected it and added a new tying chapter on Pale Morning Duns and their relatives. I’ve also sprinkled in new fly recipes and tying instructions in various chapters throughout the tying section of the book. A number of these patterns come from fishing and tying friends that I really respect. All I can say is a few of them are dynamite. I’ll let you find them. And hang on when you fish them…..