Ed has a wide variety of fly fishing PowerPoint programs designed especially to meet the needs of your fly fishing club, organization, corporate group or fly shop. Programs range from technical fly fishing topics to more general interest themes suitable for banquets and fund raising events. See the descriptions of Ed's programs below. 

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OFFBEAT TACTICS THAT CATCH TROUT--Every now and then the tactics that usually catch trout don’t work. In this program Ed explores nonstandard tactics that may work when the normal stuff doesn't---like fishing the same side of the river with streamers, using large spent spinner imitations as attractor flies, drowning terrestrial patterns, active alternatives to dead-drifting nymphs, high-sticking dry flies, presenting standard attractor fly patterns in new ways or swinging dry flies on a tight line. In addition to presenting specific nonstandard tactics the program will also encourage fly fishers to let go of their preconceived notions whenever confronted to usual or difficult fishing conditions.

CATCHING DIFFICULT TROUT--This program is full of new ideas for catching those trout that leave most fly fishers scratching their heads. These could the ultra selective, highly educated fish found in heavily fished public waters or they could be the trout in your favorite stream that just happen to have an “attitude” on a particular afternoon. The program explains the importance of your approach and casting position, slack line casts, the use of small flies, using spent spinners as attractors, terrestrials as attractors, how to match the riseform and the hatch, and fishing the zones where trout are feeding. In addition, the program covers crucial equipment checks that will help you land difficult-to-catch trout once you do hook them

FISHING SMALL FLIES--More and more fly fishermen are accepting the challenge of fishing small flies. Ed defines what a small fly is and why they are important on many rivers, streams and lakes throughout the United States. The program includes a thorough discussion of the rods, reels, leaders, fly boxes, knots, rigs and tactics that are necessary for success with small flies. Ed pays particular attention to major aquatic insect species that are important to small fly enthusiasts. These species include Blue-winged Olives, Tricos, Pale Morning Duns, midges and small caddisflies to name a few. Specific fly patterns that Ed uses to imitate each life phase of these insects are a highlight of the program. Very small flies that use hooks in size 28 to 32 are the new frontier for small fly enthusiasts. The how, where, why and when of these tiny flies provides a fitting finish to the program.

25 WAYS TO ELEVATE YOUR TROUT GAME--This program provides 25 tips that Ed believes will help elevate your trout game to the next level. These "tips" come from more than 40 years that Ed has spent writing and speaking about fly fishing tactics, studying trout behavior, tying flies, guiding fly fishers and just fishing. Some are so obvious they may not have occurred to you. Others are more complicated. some are controversial. But all of them will get you thinking about your fly fishing game and what you can do to improve it.

FLY FISHING WESTERN TAILWATERS--In this popular program, which came out of research conducted for his groundbreaking book, "Fly Fishing the Tailwaters," Ed offers an in-depth explanation of how tailwaters differ from unregulated freestone rivers and the best strategies and tactics for successfully fishing them. Basic tailwater biology is discussed along with aquatic insects and non-insect trout foods common to tailwaters throughout the western U.S. Specific tactics and fly patterns for tailwaters  are discussed. Particular attention is given to fishing the small flies that are crucial to tailwater success. Although the program emphasizes western tailwaters, much of the information included will apply to tailwater fisheries through the United States.

A WESTERN FLY FISHER’S LIFE--A Western Fly Fisher’s Life is a lighthearted look at Ed Engle’s 30 years of experience as a fly fisherman, fly fishing writer, fly fishing guide and all around trout bum.  It’s especially designed to meet the needs of an audience that includes both fly fishers and non-fly fishing members. The program has been well received at Federation of Fly Fishers, Trout Unlimited and unaffiliated fly fishing club fund raising banquets. The presentation begins with a brief explanation of what "professional" fly fishers do followed by a travelogue of Ed’s fly fishing adventures on Montana’s spring creeks, the warm water spring creeks of Texas, bonefish and permit on the fly in Mexico, fishing Chile’s fiords, catching Alaska silver salmon on surface flies, fly fishing Colorado’s small upland streams and finally fly fishing Ed’s home water, the South Platte River. A highlight of the show are Ed’s humorous antidotes about fishing with A.K. Best, John Gierach and other fly fishing personalities.

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Ed has a special interest in tying small flies and will be happy to demonstrate small fly tying techniques in conjunction with his PowerPoint presentations. He is also available for half or full day small fly tying seminars for you fly fishing club or fly shop.

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The rising cost of airfares and accommodations may make it more practical for your club, fly shop or corporate group to consider a full day fly fishing seminar. A seminar can be planned to meet your group’s special requirements. Most include several slide presentations; fly tying demonstrations or classes, book signing, and “fishing” casts demonstrations.

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Ed is available  for your special corporate group or clients at a location of your choice. Contact him for details.

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